Ann Coulter To GOP: Stop ‘Sucking Up’ To Hispanics

Republicans didn’t fare well in a recent Fox News poll and Ann Coulter says it’s immigrants’ fault. In an appearance on the “The O’Reilly Factor” Friday, Coulter said Democrats have used immigrants to… Continue reading

The Definitive Ranking of Ballpark Food Items

No American sporting event is as closely tied to food as a baseball game. Chowing down on a good snack isn’t just an incidental part of the experience, it’s an integral part of… Continue reading

The Rise of Female Business Journalists in China

By Yinan Che, Bachelors student at Shanghai International Studies University Women journalists in China are increasingly starting to work in the male-dominated field of business reporting. Their rise, however, is on a steep… Continue reading

What I Learned From 10 Days Without Shampoo

This past July, I went backpacking through Spain with a group of seven friends — you know, the quintessential (and very cliché) American college student summer experience. It was the first and only… Continue reading

Drake Shoots Hoops, Becomes Jimmy From ‘Degrassi’ Again

Here is a video of Drake taking a jump shot during which he does “not even draw iron,” which is “Sports” for “he missed.” Oh well, who can make those, anyway? They’re hard!… Continue reading

Obama To Ask Congress For Additional Funding To Fight Ebola: Report

President Barack Obama will ask Congress to approve additional funding to combat the growing Ebola outbreak in West Africa, possibly as soon as next week, according to Bloomberg News. It is unclear what… Continue reading

Boy With Down Syndrome Scores Heartwarming Touchdown For High School Football Team

8-year-old Gabe White is a “manager” for Rhinelander High School’s freshman football team in Wisconsin. He’s also the team’s biggest fan. Moments after time expired during the team’s last game of the season… Continue reading