Can We Guess The Last Time You Took A Shower?

Yes. Yes we can.

27 Times The “Fast And Furious” Cast Redefined Friendships Goals

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The Simple Progressive Economic Agenda for Hilary Clinton (or Anyone Else)

In the week since Secretary Clinton announced she is entering the presidential race there have been numerous stories asking about the agenda she will adopt in her campaign. In her announcement video, she… Continue reading

What Your Morning On The Internet Looks Like

A real roller coaster of emotion. BuzzFeed Yellow / Via

14 Emojis All ’90s Girls Need

Whatever. Tamagotchi Emoji When to use it: When you have tons of stuff to take care of and there's a possibility you won't be able to handle all of it. “Whatever” Emoji When… Continue reading

If Rebel Wilson’s Tweets Were Motivational Posters

“I don’t know how, but I just strained by thumb eating an ice cream sandwich” Unsplash / via Twitter: @RebelWilson / Via Unsplash / via Twitter: @RebelWilson / Via Unsplash /… Continue reading

13 Struggles Only People Named Sam Understand

Sam We Am. First of all, people ALWAYS ask you if your name is short for something. It probably is! Samuel or Samantha. BUT CALL ME SAM, PLEASE. Lionsgate Also, people love to… Continue reading

I Took Charge When The Wife Was Sick (Now Where’s My Reward!)

If you got past the title without wanting to kill me or fire off some nasty comment, then read on. It was mid-week when the wife got the sickly tickle in her throat… Continue reading

GOP Senator Moved To Tears As He Commemorates Deepwater Horizon Victims

Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) couldn’t hold back tears during a Senate speech Monday commemorating the five-year anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon explosion that took 11 lives. “These were just people we grew up… Continue reading

Toughening Up Hillary

I write today to challenge what is fast becoming conventional wisdom in the political world. In particular, the notion that Hillary Clinton really needs a strong primary challenge to “toughen her up” for… Continue reading