A Sustainable Tomorrow Begins With the Actions of Youth Today

The environment is constantly undergoing change, and the human influence on natural surroundings that is causing climate change is well-established. As a young person, I am aware that trees are being cut to… Continue reading

Making LA a Transportation Mecca

This Wednesday there is an important meeting taking place at Union Station. The meeting, organized by Move LA, is the non-profit transportation group’s seventh annual Transportation Conference. Move LA’s mission is to build… Continue reading

‘Ex Machina’: A Film Review

Ex Machina A Film Review by Lloyd I Sederer, MD An innocent looking, 27-year-old computer programmer, Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson), discovers in his morning email that he has won the company competition to spend… Continue reading

Hillary’s Campaign Chair John Podesta Dismisses Allegations By New Book As ‘Nothing New’

WASHINGTON — John Podesta, the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, dismissed allegations of influence peddling at the Clinton Foundation made in a book scheduled for release early next month. Clinton Cash:… Continue reading

Why I Did 7 Rounds of IVF

I spent six years trying to get, and stay, pregnant. I went through seven IVF cycles. I had five miscarriages. Putting it that way, it sounds crazy. Why would any sane person go… Continue reading

Prevent Child Abuse — Never Shake a Baby

I remember the first time I saw Elijah’s Story. I had just given birth to my first child, I was exhausted, hormonal and frustrated that nursing wasn’t the easy, natural experience I was… Continue reading

The Simple Progressive Economic Agenda for Hilary Clinton (or Anyone Else)

In the week since Secretary Clinton announced she is entering the presidential race, there have been numerous stories asking about the agenda that she will adopt in her campaign. In her announcement video,… Continue reading

University Of Colorado Opens Campus For 4/20 Celebration

DENVER (AP) — The University of Colorado in Boulder was open to the public on 4/20, the unofficial pot holiday, for the first time in four years on Monday. The school had blocked… Continue reading

Scott Walker Tacks Far Right On Immigration

WASHINGTON — Republicans often rail about undocumented immigrants. But Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, an expected GOP presidential candidate, took it a step further Monday by sounding some critical notes about the number of… Continue reading

26 Things Former Emo Kids Secretly Regret Doing

‘Cause you once used to think there was nothing sexier than a dude with guyliner and jet-black flat-ironed hair. Pretending you knew the words to that one part of “Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down.”… Continue reading