Portland Trail Blazers Post ‘We Don’t Lose To Spanish Players’ Sign In Locker Room

The Portland Trail Blazers have a laminated sign that reads “We don’t lose to Spanish players” on display in their locker room at Fedex Forum, where they play the Memphis Grizzlies in the… Continue reading

17 Ways To Never Give Up On Another Workout

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Explore Loch Ness With Google Street View

You probably won’t find Nessie, but that’s beside the point. /embed/sub/item-nn4cpn-1hugi?uri=item-nn4cpn-1hugi&cb=1429584350 Google /embed/sub/item-nn4cnc-1hugi?uri=item-nn4cnc-1hugi&cb=1429584350 Google View Entire List ›

12 Things You Didn’t Know About Dakota Fanning And Theo James

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Americans Try To Pronounce French Names

“My mother is going to be very disappointed.” BuzzFeed Video / Via youtube.com

19 Times “The Walking Dead” Described Going Out As An Introvert

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Which “TOWIE” Star Are You?

Don’t be jel, be reem. ITV2/ Lynzy Billing/BuzzFeed *Yes, this does include current and former cast members.

The 26 Stages Of Being On An Exclusion Diet

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Can You Spot The Difference In These Iconic Disney Scenes?

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7 Life Changes That Could Help Your Finances

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