Endless Elections

It’s our own damn fault. Everybody hates the interminable election season, which seems to last as long as the First World War, and is roughly as noisy. Bad enough that we get harangued… Continue reading

These 3 Lawsuits Are Taking the Chicago Police Department To Task For Brutality

In the first trial of a Chicago police officer for a shooting death in 17 years, a judge on Monday cleared Chicago Police Detective Dante Servin of all charges related to his killing… Continue reading

Florida Cop:’The Crack Is Not For Me, It’s For My Wife’

A Florida police officer arrested on suspicion of purchasing cocaine reportedly told arresting officers, “The crack is not for me, it’s for my wife.” Christopher Heredia, 25, of the Sweetwater Police Department, was… Continue reading

Diversity, Art & Real Estate in Brooklyn: A Word From the Brooklyn Museum’s Outgoing Director Extraordinaire, Arnold Lehman

A LOOK BACK, AND FORWARD, WITH THE MAN WHO BROUGHT THE BROOKLYN MUSEUM INTO THE 21ST CENTURY The Brooklyn Museum is one of the nation’s major cultural institutions, and an important cultural attraction… Continue reading

4 Charts That Sum Up What 4/20 Really Means

Well, as every high school student (no pun intended, we swear) has probably reminded you, today is April 20, or “FOUR-TWENTY!!” But, as we all grow up and mature as a nation, the… Continue reading

Photojournalism: Capturing the Stories of Our Globalizing World

In December of 1984, American photojournalist Steve McCurry snapped a shot that would change lives. He didn’t know it at the time, but when National Geographic debuted the acclaimed picture on their cover… Continue reading

Sustainably Growing Up

The hunt for a panacea for all environmental ills is becoming ever more elusive. Indulgent and egocentric human behavior, in combination with a lack of international cooperation, simply quicken our already rapid approach… Continue reading

This Ridiculous Obstacle Course Makes Your Little Marathon Look Like Child’s Play

Have you ever thought about entering a race, but ultimately decided it was too easy? Ever wished that boring 10k could be livened up by nightstick-wielding ninjas? Or maybe barbed wire? Or mud?… Continue reading


Sometimes encounters provide insights into human behaviors that can almost be inspiring. Along the way there is almost always some grief, aggravation and irritation. Here goes: I was driving in Georgetown recently to… Continue reading

Can Kimchi Be Used to Help Battle Obesity? New Research Suggests Yes

Photo Credit: Flickr/Craig Nagy Fermented kimchi may offer an interesting method of helping human metabolism, suggests a new study from researchers in South Korea. Fermented kimchi contains lactobacilli, a helpful bacteria that is… Continue reading