A Thousand Angry Women Say No to Genetically Engineered Trees

On March 5th, a thousand angry women descended on a facility in Brazil where the biotechnology company, FuturaGene, was growing genetically engineered eucalyptus trees. Later that day, a meeting of the Brazilian Biosafety… Continue reading

Give Volunteers the Credit They Deserve

As we wrap up National Volunteer Week, it’s compelling to consider why it is that the word “just” is so often attached to the word “volunteers.” Volunteers take on some of the most… Continue reading

Sunday Morning in Shanghai

Sunday morning is always crunch time for a preacher. Every preacher has his or her routine. For me, it means an early cup of coffee. No breakfast, because I don’t want my stomach… Continue reading

Why I Never Gave Up Even Though I Was Infertile

“You will never have a child of your own,” uttered my fertility doctor as he stood there like a block of ice. “There is just nothing we can do for you at this… Continue reading

Goldilocks Goes to a Meeting

Some meetings are too hot. Some meetings are too cold. And some meetings — a very few –are just right. A meeting is too hot when it’s full of conflict, simmering tension, and… Continue reading

How to Solve Difficult Problems by Using the Inversion Technique

Here’s a new framework for thinking about how you solve difficult problems (like losing weight and getting fit, creating more innovation in your company, learning a new skill, or otherwise changing your behavior).… Continue reading

Delta State U. Journalism Program, Student Newspaper Print Funding Axed

By Katherine Schaeffer Despite cries to save student journalism in the Mississippi Delta, the state’s higher education commission voted unanimously to cut Delta State University’s journalism program Thursday. The vote will eliminate the… Continue reading

Why A Little Competition Can Make Men Way More Generous When It Comes To Charity

Men may be more likely to display generosity for a good cause if there’s a little competition involved. Researchers from the U.K. examined thousands of online donation pages from last year’s Virgin London… Continue reading

What Charlie Hebdo Taught Us – Three Months On

Three months ago, shock and disbelief were felt by people all around the world as news of the massacre at the French magazine Charlie Hebdo spread. The satirical magazine, which has been the… Continue reading

Animal Advocates Call For Action Against Vet Who Allegedly Killed Cat With Bow And Arrow

Texas veterinarian Kristen Lindsey quickly lost her job after posting a photo of herself holding a cat that appears to have been shot with an arrow. The picture caused massive public outcry last… Continue reading