Elmo Teamed Up With The Surgeon General To Encourage Kids To Get Vaccinated

And it’s stinkin’ cute. /embed/sub/in-a-new-video-from-the-ia-hrefhttpwwwdai-nn4kxh-k1sl?uri=in-a-new-video-from-the-ia-hrefhttpwwwdai-nn4kxh-k1sl&cb=1429569925 In a new video from the Daily Dot, Elmo has a few questions about why he needs a shot. The news outlet teamed up with Sesame Street and… Continue reading

Which Tom Hanks Character Are You?

Are you the captain of this quiz? Chris Ritter / Buzzfeed / 20th Century Fox / Warner Bros. / Sony / Paramount Pictures / Universal / Dreamworks / Pixar

21 Perfect Dog Reactions For Every 420 Situation

Like when you have to go to the store for snacks and try to act normal. When you go into a store for snacks and are trying to act completely normal: imgur.com When… Continue reading

Here’s What The Kids From “13 Going On 30” Look Like Now

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14 Essentials For The Modern Bachelor Pad

What every man needs in his first adult apartment. A REAL Bed That's right, fellas, sleeping on a mattress dumped on the floor isn't gonna cut it anymore. Myibean / Getty Images A… Continue reading

Who Is The Bigger Pothead: Miley Cyrus Or Rihanna?

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15 Emojis “Portlandia” Fans Need Right Away

Locally-sourced, artisan-crafted emoji, just for you. Toni and Candace, the feminist bookstore owners When To Use It: When drinking capachuchuchuchu tea, or whenever someone points and you see a penis. Alex Alvarez /… Continue reading

3 Reasons to Follow Your Instincts Not Passion

Chalene Johnson didn’t start out as an outgoing, energetic fitness guru with millions of fans who can keep pace with some of the most elite athletes. She was a struggling paralegal with aspirations… Continue reading

Basic Slideshizzle

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In et augue nec nulla commodo venenatis eu at metus. Donec maximus porta ligula, vitae tempor dolor elementum vel. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Quisque… Continue reading

An Unlikely Outcome From War: Friendships That Endure

So here are the characters:  a guy named Frenchy and a guy named Sneaky. Does this sound like a 1940’s film noir opening?  Let me introduce you to two unforgettable characters, both Vietnam… Continue reading