Monthly Archive: April, 2015

Top Ten Best-Selling Ebooks–Week of March 28

Titles by veteran authors like Harlan Coben and John Green populate this week’s Digital Book World Ebook Best-Seller List, while one first-time author’s hit title hangs on at No. 1. The Girl on… Continue reading

5 Airlines That Fly to Europe for Cheap (for Real)

No-frills carrier Ryanair made the news this year by announcing the launch of transatlantic flights starting at just $15. It’s a deal that sounds much too good to be true, and indeed, that… Continue reading

8 Celebrity Tweets You Missed Today

Here’s what happened today! Kim Kontoured. Bob Saget prepped. Mindy Kaling kind of sort of didn’t need credit. Rob Huebel spoke the truth. View Entire List ›

Are You In A Slump?

If life is weighing you down and you’re missing more shots than usual, this is for you. We all like to think we live in a world where we’ll succeed and live happily… Continue reading

27 Celebrity Couples Who Will Restore Your Faith In Love

If they can do it, anyone can. The couple in 1999. Vanina Lucchesi / Getty Images The couple in 2015. Justin Tallis / Getty Images View Entire List ›

Men Try To Unclasp Different Types Of Bras And Prove They Have No Idea What They’re Doing

“In this scenario I usually just leave it on.” Cosmo had men try to take a bunch of bras off a mannequin. Some guys were pretty smooth, while others…not so much.… Continue reading

31 Reasons To Go Visit A Beech Tree Forest Right Now

Go live in the woods? Beech I might. Native to Europe, Asia, and North America, beech trees are some of the gnarliest, toughest, and most beautiful trees on the planet. Hutewald Halloh, Bad… Continue reading

Two Police Officers Bought This Family A Car Seat Instead Of Fining Them

Now that’s quality policing. Officers Jason Pavlige and James Hodge responded to a call last month that a mother was holding her baby on her lap in a moving vehicle. ABC News /… Continue reading

14 Things People From Toronto Would Never Ever Say

“Drake doesn’t give Toronto enough shout-outs.” “Check out my collection of Rob Ford campaign buttons!” // In our defense, we were all in a “drunken stupor” when we elected him. “I’d like… Continue reading

How Addicted Are You To Your Devices?

It’s OK, we’ve felt phantom rings, too. We’re surrounded by screens everywhere we go. Answer these questions about the tech in your life and see how you compare to others. NBC / Via… Continue reading