78 Thoughts I Had During The “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Season 4 Premiere

“Who bought this sex tape? Make yourselves known.”

Stevie J pays a visit to his former girlfriend, Mimi Faust.


1. Mimi and Stevie J being business partners in her new music management company is not going to go well.
2. Also, Mimi is managing musicians now? Doesn't she run a cleaning business?
3. And Lil' Kim's mentee Tiffany Foxx wants Mimi to manage her?!
5. Did Stevie J really just offer Mimi a bottle of his sperm to create another baby?
6. And did he really just call it his “special sauce”?
7. **Pauses DVR to vomit.**
8. “I can't be a greaseball like that.” Side-eyeing Stevie J RN.
9. He wants to have both Mimi and Joseline together again. He really actually wants to be a greaseball, huh?

Introducing…Jessica Dimepiece.


10. King of Diamonds finally makes it on one of these shows. Makes sense.
11. Jessica Dimepiece and this pink wig, though. Get it, ma.
12. Karlie Redd and Jessica Dimepiece are friends?
13. Dawn wants Jessica Dimepiece to give Joseline a run for her money in Atlanta. Girl, stop.
14. Another stripper turned rapper. Here for it.
15. Guess we'll see her soon in Atlanta.
16. “I don't really know Joseline Hernandez. I know Shenellica Bettencourt. That's how far we go back.” !!!!!
17. That's the name Joseline went by when she danced in Miami!
18. Why isn't Joseline returning your phone calls? Girl, bye. You already know. Don't come for the Puerto Rican Princess, honey.
19. $30,000 a week?! DOING WHAT?

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