15 Activities That All Procrastinators Can Understand Doing

There’s nothing worse than having copious amounts of deadlines and assignments that need to get done, than having zero motivation to do them. Everyone has procrastinated in their life, and for those who say they haven’t: I applaud. But the majority of us have all found something that seemed more important to do than the actual task that we had at hand. Most of us can regrettably admit that we’ve done at least one of the things listed below while procrastinating.

1. Binge-watching an entire series on Netflix. This is the biggest culprit of procrastination. But let’s be real, the feature that starts the next episode without even having to push a button makes procrastinating so easy.

2. Seeing how many slices of pizza you can eat before you pass out from food coma. Who doesn’t eat out of boredom?

3. Actually cleaning your room. It seems like the only time that anything gets cleaned is when we should be doing something else.

4. Finally finding time to go to the gym and work out. Nothing motivates you more to get out of the house than knowing all of the responsibilities that await you inside.

5. Reorganizing your entire closet. What is it about procrastinating that suddenly gives us the desire to organize things that don’t need to be organized?

6. Looking up strategies on “how to not procrastinate,” all while procrastinating. It’s amazing how many other people have searched the same thing.

7. Online shopping for things you’ll never need, like bath robes for your pets, or crystal-encrusted knitting needles. Oh come on, we’ve all done it.

8. Finding time to respond to all of the Facebook messages from relatives asking when you’re going to visit. “Yes Grandma, I’ll visit in the summer.”

9. Discovering a box of old photographs while reorganizing your closet and deciding to go through every photo. You always regret it, though. Why did my parents let me out of the house wearing lime-green, clip-in hair extensions?

10. Creeping on the people you went to high school with via all of their social media accounts. This sometimes leads to contacting them, which then ensues even more procrastination.

11. Deciding to trace your entire family tree. Because why wouldn’t you want to know the address of your great-great-grandfather in 1901?

12. Spending an hour contemplating your life and why you seem to never be able to get things done. Any guesses?

13. Getting tired from analyzing your life and taking a nap for two more hours. It’s completely necessary.

14. Calling your parents and complaining about all of the things you need to get done. Obviously.

15. Having an emotional breakdown once you actually realize how much stuff you still have to do.

Now, if you’re a level-10 procrastinator, you may have done all of these things. In such a case, you may need to re-evaluate your life. It definitely is not advised to procrastinate, but it sure as hell is a hard habit to break.


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