12 Things You Didn’t Know About Dakota Fanning And Theo James

David J. Bertozzi / BuzzFeed

Dakota Fanning and Theo James have both dominated the big screen in some of your favorite books turned movies — Fanning in Twilight and James in the Divergent series. But this time around they went a little darker, starring in the new dramatic film Franny — an incredibly moving story about tragedy, loss, and learning to move on from the past. Before the film made its worldwide premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, we sat down with the stars to play a little game of “Who's Most Likely.” Here's what happened.

1. Who’s most likely to be found at craft services?

David J. Bertozzi / BuzzFeed

Theo James: You're not much of a snacker, are you?

Dakota Fanning: No, I'm not. I guess I'll have to say you! (laughs)

TJ: I'm a gobbler.

2. Who's most likely to take the longest to get ready?

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TJ: No, I don't know.

DF: (laughs) It's kind of the same! Yeah. [We're] normal.

3. Who’s most likely to be found napping between scenes?

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DF: Oh, no, no.

TJ: Would you ever nap?

DF: Would I nap? No. I wouldn't, no.

TJ: I'm not very good at napping, either.

DF: I don't think I ever have, honestly, on set. Because then you gotta wake up and get back into it.

What do you guys do in between scenes to pass the time?

TJ: Hmm, I don't know, just read.

DF: Hang out! That's the fun part — there is so much downtime when you're making movies that you get to really know all the people that you're working with.

4. Who’s most likely to laugh during takes?

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TJ: Um, I think it would probably be equal wouldn't it?

DF: Equal on that, yeah.

Did it happen a lot on this set?

DF: Not a lot. I mean, the subject matter was not, like, super conducive to laughing, but of course you have times. But no, nothing that I specifically remember.

5. Who’s most likely to nail a take the first time?

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DF: We gotta say ourselves; let's say ourselves. (laughs)

TJ: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

6. Who’s most likely to be listening to Taylor Swift on their iPhone?

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TJ: No one. NO MUSIC! No, of course we listened to music. I don't think [Dakota] or I would be listening to Taylor.

DF: Umm. I actually don't listen to a lot of music, which is weird. Like, it's just not something that I — I do like music, but I forget about it. And then I'll be like, Oh, you can listen to that anytime you want! You know what I mean? (laughs) I'll hear a song in a restaurant and be like, I love this song. And then [remember] like, You can listen to it whenever! (laughs)

7. Who’s most likely to be taking a selfie?

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TJ: No selfies! No music! No fun!

DF: I am personally [anti-selfie]. I am.

TJ: I would rather cut my own testicles off than take a [selfie].

DF: I'm anti-selfie stick. I've seen the stick.

TJ: I'm anti-self as well.

8. Who’s most likely to forget a line?

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TJ: Probably me. Yeah.

DF: (nods head)

9. Who’s most likely to be late to set?

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DF: I'm there, like, early, up, ready to go. But that's just me in life. Like, I wait for everybody in restaurants, you know.

TJ: Yeah, I'm definitely a more late person.

10. Who’s most likely to be found on their cell phone on set?

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DF: I don't bring my phone on set! I leave it in the trailer.

11. Who’s most likely to pull a prank on set?

TJ: [I did] a weird one. I pulled some pants down — if that counts. You should have seen the person whose pants I pulled down…talking about a “big prank.” (laughs)

12. Who's most likely to need the most coffee in the morning?

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TJ: Me!

DF: I do too, I do too. Definitely.

TJ: How many?

DF: I just do one [cup], but I need the one. Like, I need the one.

TJ: You need a kick-starter.

DF: Yeah, yeah I need the one.