10 Totally Rad Retro Looks For Today’s Technology

Enormous mobile phones, Atari and VCRs were all considered on trend or even high tech when they were first introduced to consumers. Today they’re things we all have a good laugh about. They may even cause a sense of nostalgia to bubble within us. For better or worse, trends and designs from previous eras always manage to resurface, like the Volkswagen Beetle, bellbottoms and vinyl. Even as technology speeds forward, today’s innovators frequently find ways to nod to those who came before them.

We’re jumping into our DeLorean with Energizer® EcoAdvanced and taking a look back at designs for modern tech that look oddly familiar.

1. ’80s Brick Phone Cell Phone Case
80s brick iphone case
We think the present-day Zack Morris and Gordon Gekko would rock this phone case. It’s completely impractical, but let’s be honest: The old brick phone has become a modern-day meme of which we can’t get enough.

2. The Oregon Trail
oregon trail
Remember the days of racing to finish your math assignment first so you could the desktop in the back of the classroom and play this old-school gem? Well, the developers at Gameloft have given this computer-lab classic a new look. This mobile app version — available on both iOS and Android devices — has restored many favorite features (read: hunting and dysentery) and added some new ones (fishing and panning for gold).

3. Polaroid Socialmatic
Now you can bring back shaking it like a Polaroid picture (warning: apparently Polaroid actually advises against shaking your photos). The company has combined the success of Instagram with its popular instant print cameras. The camera prints and uses Wi-Fi and Android services to allow users to share images on social media directly from the camera.

4. Nikon DF DSLR
nikon df
Nikon takes us back to a time before cameras featured touchscreens and an array of buttons. The new design features retro dials and a metal frame inspired by the look of older 35mm shooters.

5. Ion Cassette Adapter with Bluetooth
cassette adapter
Remember that van you used to drive in high school that only had a tape deck, and you had a cassette adapter plugged into your Discman? The cassette adapter is back but instead of the arduous chord, this new model uses Bluetooth to play music from your handheld device.

6. Gramophone for the iPhone
gramaphone speaker
For the Victorian era fan, there is now a Gramophone speaker for your iPhone. No electricity is required, and unfortunately its not compatible with the iPhone 6 or 6 plus.

7. Jensen JTA-420 turntable
usb turntable
Like a Rubix cube, his suitcase style record player is more complicated than it looks. This turntable actually converts your LPs into digital copies.

8. Crosley 24-inch Retro HDTV
vintage tv set
LED HDTV flat-screen TV in a throwback look.

9. iCade Arcade Cabinet
icade use
For those who downloaded the Pac-Man app looking for but feel like they need a more authentic experience. Just slide in your ipad and let the 8-bit perfection satisfy to your inner 10-year-old.

10. Native Union POP Phone Handset
pop phone
We miss having a phone that can rest comfortably between cheek and shoulder. And cords, remember cords?

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