17 Things People Who Actually Like The Kardashians Are Tired Of Hearing

Blah, blah, Kartrashians blah blah… WE GET IT.

“The Kardashians are only famous because Kim made a sex tape.”

"The Kardashians are only famous because Kim made a sex tape."

So a girl in Calabasas makes a sex tape and helps to turn it into a multi-million dollar corporation that makes every member of her family a massive celebrity.

Do you think the Kardashians are upset about that? They are literally laughing to the bank.

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“They don’t even do anything for a living!”

"They don't even do anything for a living!"

Their job is literally to be themselves. And they make money doing it. This might come as a shocker but… they're allowed to do that.

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“Seriously, what do they even do?!”

"Seriously, what do they even do?!"

Appearances, modeling, clothing lines, make-up lines, extension lines, shoe lines, novels, memoirs, talk shows, acting, and oh, a little reality show that has been on the air for 10 YEARS.

But let's reduce all of their accomplishments to nothing just because.

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“They’re such bad role models.”

"They're such bad role models."

They've personified the art of the hustle and become multimillionaire businesswomen. Isn't that a good thing?

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