Enter the Brave New World of Sexual Enhancent with these Six Utopian Products


Back in the “good old day’s (whenever that was) sex was not something anyone talked about openly, unless you were in a safe zone comprising adults of the same sex.

Then the 60’s blasted off and real modern feminism finally emerged from the shadows. As Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan, Bella Abzug and others finally smashed some of the taboos and social mores that had been holding women back for centuries.

Movies, starting with “I am Curious Yellow,” “Behind the Green Door” and then “Basic Instinct and “Body Heat” busted a number of taboos (not all were healthy) and helped to move the cultural zeitgeist forward.

And then, TV, with the cultural shifting “Sex and the City” ushered in an era when not only was sex considered healthy and normal: but using sex toys was something that no longer needed to be hid in the shadows, under beds, in drawers and bought with “discrete” enabled brown paper wrapping through the mail.

Fast forward to today. Many taboos have been lifted on sex toys: vibrators, machines, implements, devices, applications, lotions, creams, pills, and potions (off the FDA radar) promising “magic moments” in human sexuality, with or without a partner in some cases.

Without question, women are embracing sex toys in the bedroom, over 40% have taken the plunge and most are not shy about displaying these devices openly or talking about them.

Which is a good thing – John Lennon’s “Whatever gets you Through the Night” could function as a sound track for modern, device liberated men and women.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

We have now moved from the staid somewhat conservative world of sex toys and devices men and women hold into their hands into the next generation world of “anything goes” and let your imagination rip in an unencumbered fashion.

Let’s start with Farah Abraham. Backstory: she’s a twenty something porn star with a massive following and to leverage her fame she is now selling plastic molded items fashioned from her private parts to be used as a sex toy.

Bizarre yes, but a real product waiting for a Lewis Black commentary via the Daily Show.

How could any “connected” man or woman have a decent sexual relationship that did not involve their smartphone? No, I’m not talking about Tinder (that’s so yesterday) I want to focus on Sex Drive;

It enhances your romantic interaction by providing tones that help you and your partner tune it no each other via the same wavelenght, with better lovemaking as a result. And, yes, it made the cut, you can buy and download it via the Apple store.

Can you and your partner imagine having sex with just a boring vibrator that you have to manually control? That’s ancient technology and you now have the option of using a “smart” vibrator that remembers your “activity” via the Ola by Minna.

You can now record, playback and customize your vibration patterns. “Honey, I told you I wanted the 3.5 setting today not 8.6…….”


Men no longer need to think about using their hands for “stimulus” – today, you can use technology to build up stamina so you’ll have a reputation like Hugh Hefner or maybe Don Juan with the ladies.

And, no worries about callouses or a need for lotion the Fleshlight by UV Performance builds stamina and may induce muscle building in the right spots, which could come in “handy” but I digress and please excuse the metaphorical turn of the phrase.

It’s Saturday night, or any night where “feeling lucky’ is driving the dialogue and you again can’t bear to do anything without your phone in hand, close by or in some weird place and no, I’m delving deeper into that.

But, for those of you that are now harmonically tuned in to each other and ready for some real sizzle then download the “69 Locations – Sex and Locations Fantasies” via the iTunes app store (it’s free too) and you’ll be ready for anything with anyone and most importantly anywhere ……..

Just in case you never look at the back of any modern magazines with those quarter page ads and/or you just don’t like print (you are permanently in smartphone mode only) I want to make you aware of the Liberator Wedge Ramp.

This product is guaranteed to “elevate” your pleasure, ensure your pillows don’t take a pounding when they don’t need it and your partner does not have to try and recreate the downward dog pose in a delicate moment.

And, as an added bonus, the fabric is soft and stain resistant and it fits under the bed for convenience. Put one of these babies under the tree next year and sexual nirvana will be the order of the day.

Okay, you are out on the road, your lonely and you’ve dialed up your partner on your iPad and you want to have some “long distance fun” that’s a bit beyond the pale. Pick you your own personal hardware in the form of the Fleshlight Launch Pad. and really have a party on the road and no worries about pregnancy either.

To use this product safely and with confidence in your hotel room, make sure your door is locked securely and you have a partner who wants to break new ground with her sexuality. And, humor me for a moment; the “road” will never be the same and I’m not talking about Cormac McCarthy’s novel BTW.

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