Monthly Archive: March, 2015

1960s Home Ads Would Anger Women Today

The 1960s marked a new, more progressive era in many ways. But on the home front (or, rather, in Madison Avenue‘s depiction of it), domestic life was still pretty much the same as… Continue reading

One Family’s Unwritten Recipe For Matzah Ball Soup Not every kitchen creation comes from a cookbook. Some of the most memorable meals come from the ones passed down from generation to generation. Learn the family secrets that make this traditional… Continue reading

The PDP Farce — Wink, Wink, Nod, Nod

PDPs – Professional Development Plans (usually referred to as Professional Development Points by teachers) – are the primary means of giving teachers needed training during their careers. All teachers are required to take… Continue reading

Japanese Shipping Company Advertises With … Giant Pettable Cat Head??

A Japanese shipping company is doing some strange things to convince consumers it’s the cat’s meow. On Tuesday, Kuroneko Yamato — or Black Cat Yamato — installed a a giant billboard that is… Continue reading

Here’s Where Bartenders Go To Get Buzzed In Honolulu

When you think of drinking in Hawaii, chances are your mouth waters for a Corona on the beach or a bright blue Hawaiian, complete with the little umbrella. But Honolulu — the Aloha… Continue reading

Slavery Survivors Highlight 2015 Broward College – Free the Slaves – ATEST- Trafficking Conference

By Dinkinish O’Connor A slavery survivor from Haiti shared a grizzly account of her childhood in restavèk domestic servitude: “I was born on the street in front of a brothel. Prostitutes brought my… Continue reading

Mom Cried More Than the Couple

When a son or daughter is in a long-term relationship and the relationship is over, it is not unusual for parents (seniors) of the couple to experience a deep sense of loss for… Continue reading

Spring Essentials

Spring is here! Time to toss those snow boots in the attic, break out the spring jacket, accessorize with a colorful scarf and head to out to shop ! Here are a few… Continue reading

17 Tiny Dream Homes Under 200 Square Feet

By: Ali Drucker Credit: Tumbleweed Houses Last year, we showed you the coolest houses money can buy under 1,000 square feet. Now, get ready to downsize even further. The tiny house movement has… Continue reading

Life. Life. Now! This a talk from the Beyond Conference I gave in March, 2015 about living life in the present. I spoke about my weight loss journey and recovering from a seizure I had… Continue reading