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These 22 Photos Will Finally Give You Some Peace

Take a big breath and relax. BuzzfeedVideo / Via

UFC Fighters Answer Adorable Questions

The biggest stars in the world’s most insane sport answer the cutest questions imaginable. Do UFC stars Chuck Liddell, Chris Weidman, Anthony Johnson, Demetrious Johnson, and Jessica Eye prefer puppies or kitties?… Continue reading

Does a Reasonable Worker Lactate?

By Elleanor Chin These are some of the things I know about Angela Ames. She worked at Nationwide Insurance Company’s office in Iowa. She had a baby in May 2009. She had a… Continue reading

Suggestions to High-School Students for Reading Shakespeare — Part 2

Preparing to Read Shakespeare Just as athletes briefly commune with themselves before an event, so we should also compose ourselves for a moment before reading Shakespeare. Take leave of the world for a… Continue reading

Why a Cutback in Oil Production Is Sorely Needed

How deep is the hole the oil industry is currently stuck inside? To figure that out, you only need to look as far back as last week, which saw another two trainloads full… Continue reading

10 Times Ed Sheeran Slayed A Cover Song

He gives the originals a run for their money. His beautiful cover of “Stay With Me” is enough to make you cry. He’ll make you poor heart ache covering Hozier’s “Take… Continue reading

This Insane Fan Theory About “Titanic” Will Blow Your Mind

What are his true motives? You’ll never see the movie the same way. / Via 20th Century Fox / Via 20th Century Fox View Entire List ›

Leonard Nimoy’s Spock Was The Nerd Hero Who Taught Us How To Feel

Leonard Nimoy as Spock on Star Trek Paramount Pictures Star Trek is for nerds. That much has been certain ever since Gene Roddenberry’s optimistic sci-fi vision for the future first debuted on NBC… Continue reading

Gary Johnson At CPAC: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

NATIONAL HARBOR, MARYLAND — Typically, when a politician meets a reporter for an interview, decorum dictates that said politician offer up a bland pleasantry to break the ice. “Thanks for spending time with… Continue reading

Venezuela’s Maduro Cracks Down On American Visitors

(Refiled for wider distribution) CARACAS, Feb 28 (Reuters) – Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said on Saturday his government had captured American citizens involved in “espionage activities,” and said U.S. citizens in the future… Continue reading