Monthly Archive: March, 2015

Missing Teen With Asperger’s FOUND SAFE

NEW YORK (AP) — Police say a 15-year-old Swedish boy with Asperger’s syndrome who disappeared from a fast food restaurant in New York City has been found. They say Marcus Kerttu was found… Continue reading

How 3D Printing Could End The Deadly Shortage Of Donor Organs

Three-dimensional printing has been used to make everything from pizza to prostheses, and now researchers are working on using the emerging technology to fabricate hearts, kidneys, and other vital human organs. That would… Continue reading

6 Signs It May Be Time to Break Up With Your Friend

In my experience, I’ve learned that friendships can have a natural tendency to go through different stages. At one moment you’re both super close and telling each other everything, but then a few… Continue reading

15 Problems Only Butch Lesbians Understand

1. Gendered restrooms. If I go in the women’s restroom, there’s a chance someone will think I’m a guy, but I can’t go into the men’s restroom because it’s basically just a giant… Continue reading

Hand. Cannot. Erase.: An Interview with Steven Wilson

Steven Wilson is at it again. The critically acclaimed and über-prolific musician and producer has released his fourth proper solo album. His body of work is beyond impressive, especially when you factor in the albums he has… Continue reading

This Supreme Court Case Could Make Elections Even More Undemocratic

WASHINGTON (AP) — In a reversal of the usual worries about political influence on electoral map-making, the Supreme Court is being asked to let raw politics play an even bigger role in the… Continue reading

Man Throws Brick At Window. Brick Bounces Off Window. Brick Knocks Man Out. (VIDEO)

We’ve come a long way as a species. Once nothing but bacteria floating in a salty ocean, we grew legs, pulled ourselves up by our boot-straps, and started walking on land. We hunted… Continue reading

LGBT Wellness Roundup: Feb. 27

Each week HuffPost Gay Voices, in a partnership with blogger Scout, LGBT HealthLink and researcher Susana Fajardo, brings you a round up of some of the biggest LGBT wellness stories from the past… Continue reading

Trans Woman Opens Up About ‘Survival Sex’: ‘$500 Came Very Fast’

There were few options left for Sasha Washington, a trans woman living in New York, to get the money she needed to survive. So at the age of 15, she was forced to… Continue reading

Why Black History Still Hasn’t Paved the Way for Black Transgender People

It can be argued that the black westerner exists with a somewhat reduced experience due to discrimination. It can further be argued that the black transgender person deals with another level of discrimination,… Continue reading