Hanging in Hermosa – Hot’s Kitchen, Abigaile’s & Little Sister

Doing business around Los Angeles can be a pleasure or a pain, often pending the traffic. I’ve been making notes of the places where I can enjoy an amazing meal while waiting out the 405. Lately, I’ve found that I’m not “stuck in South Bay,” I’m just “hanging out in Hermosa” — at least until the freeways clear.

The dining scene in Hermosa Beach has kicked it up a notch in recent years. My new favorite is Hot’s Kitchen, which features simple dishes — burgers, tacos, fries — and turns them into something worthy of Instagram. Executive Chef and co-owner Sean Chaney was recently in the news when he defied the California ban on foie gras and succesfully litigated to have it overturned. Chaney updates the menu on a monthly basis, but the most popular items usually remain.

Not far from Hot’s are two of my other go-to favorites from Chef Tin Vuong — Abigaile and Little Sister. Abigaile is all about small plates but is heavy on gastropub fare — so bring an apetite or meet some friends. Little Sister is a little more spicy and tad more adventurous — a decadent blend of East and West.

But since mere words won’t do the food in the South Bay justice, here’s a slideshow that may convince you that getting stuck south of LAX just might make your day.