Monthly Archive: February, 2015

17 Reasons Grandma Gertie Was The Best Character On “Hey Arnold!”

“Never give up. Never give in.” She found her inner balance ages ago. Nickelodeon She could play the piano like an absolute superstar. Nickelodeon Her love story was incredibly romantic and just got… Continue reading

Margot Robbie Slapped Leonardo DiCaprio During Her ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ Audition

How does one break into Hollywood? For buzzy star Margot Robbie, it’s by slapping one of the world’s most famous celebrities. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar UK, the star opened up about… Continue reading

Sharon Osbourne And Melissa Rivers Comment on Kelly Osbourne’s Exit from ‘Fashion Police’

Sharon Osbourne and Melissa Rivers have both commented on Kelly Osbourne‘s exit from E!’s “Fashion Police.”

A Deadly Assault on Academic Freedom

Recent events in the state of North Carolina pose a serious threat to academic freedom in our nation. America’s universities are, by any measure, the best in the world. What has made that… Continue reading

Rand Paul Wins 2015 CPAC Straw Poll

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul (R) won the straw poll vote at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday. This is the third year in a row that the senator has won the straw… Continue reading

Looking Back at Tsipras’s Lost Opportunities and Forward to Greece’s Future

While I was at university, I was preoccupied by the question of how political parties used foreign policy issues to influence domestic audiences. I even wrote my thesis, which I later published as… Continue reading

John Boehner Allies Fret Coup Attempt

Close allies of Speaker John Boehner are worried that his conservative rivals could move to oust him as soon as next week.

Someone Finally Built A Better Push Pin

Pon is a pushpin slash paperclip that will change your walls forever. Mary Margaret Photography / Now, there’s an even better solution than double stick or washi tape: Pon, a new… Continue reading

Find Your Next Great Book With The BuzzFeed Books Newsletter!

Want reading recommendations every week? We’ll send them straight to your inbox! Chris Ritter / BuzzFeed Adding amazing books to your reading list can be as simple as signing up for the BuzzFeed… Continue reading

How Well Do You Know The Lyrics To “Mr. Brightside” By The Killers?

You know you know this song. Island