Monthly Archive: February, 2015

What Really Happened During The Blizzard Of 2015, In Two Maps

Here’s where the huge storm was forecast to dump feet of snow, and where it actually did. Ryan Maue/WeatherBell Analytics The map on the left was generated Sunday and shows how much snow… Continue reading

55 Things All Early ’90s Kids Will Never Forget

It was the time of neon EVERYTHING. You understand how important choosing the right fanny pack was. Via That Bubble Tape was “six feet of bubble gum — for you, not them.”… Continue reading

The Illustrated A-Z Guide To Author Wardrobe Staples

“C is for cardigan.” Kate Gavino / BuzzFeed Kate Gavino / BuzzFeed Kate Gavino / BuzzFeed Kate Gavino / BuzzFeed View Entire List ›

Dame Helen Mirren Is The Classiest Thing To Ever Happen On The Subway

Classy ladies showing everyone else how it’s done, as usual. Dame Helen Mirren, Academy Award-winning actress and overall classy broad, graced the R train of the New York City Subway with her presence… Continue reading

Fossils May Belong To New Primitive Human Species

Have scientists discovered a new species of primitive human? Two teams of researchers have been asking that very question after analyzing mysterious fossils found in China and Taiwan. The fossils don’t seem to… Continue reading

Your Dog Can Get Alzheimer’s Too

As your dog reaches old age, you might expect to contend with veterinary complaints like hip dysplasia or even cancer. But here’s one you aren’t as likely to expect: Alzheimer’s disease. According to… Continue reading

What Time Is Hillary Clinton?

WASHINGTON — Every election cycle can be considered, first and foremost, a monument to hype. With every passing week, the political world is a blizzard of brash predictions, bold pronouncements, and bad advice.… Continue reading

Novak Djokovic Wins His 5th Australian Open Title

MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) — Novak Djokovic won his fifth Australian Open title and extended Andy Murray’s misery at Melbourne Park by beating the Scotsman 7-6 (5), 6-7 (4), 6-3, 6-0 in the final… Continue reading

17 Fast Food Horror Stories That Will Make You Want To Eat At Home

*never eats fast food again* Pixar I saw this one fast food employee puke in her hands, drop it into the trash can, and then proceed to put our tacos in the bag.… Continue reading

This Board Game Perfectly Captures What It’s Like To Write Your First Book

“Stare at blank screen, try not to cry.” Jon Adams / BuzzFeed *** Jon Adams is an illustrator, designer, and writer living in San Francisco with his wife and their shrimp. He's made… Continue reading