Monthly Archive: February, 2015

Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel Are Actually Definitely Having A Baby

It might sound crazy, but it aint no lie. Rumors and speculation about the pregnancy status of mega-celebrity couple Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake have been swirling for months. Including a now-deleted Instagram… Continue reading

22 Couples’ Products That Went Too Far

Or: 22 Reasons Your Friends Aren’t Calling You Back. Smittens View Entire List ›

Why Rescue the Latest, Failed “Chief for Change?”

Why would Tulsa even think of hiring embattled Chief for Change Deborah Gist as superintendent? Oklahoma voters recently rejected Chief for Change Janet Barresi and her devotion to test, sort, and punish. Students,… Continue reading

Bloody Valentine: National Theatre of Scotland’s Let the Right One In

Rebecca Benson as Eli in John Tiffany’s production of Let the Right One In. Photo by Manuel Harlan. From the haunting image of Nosferatu rising out of his coffin in silent film to… Continue reading

A Week In The Life Of The ‘Tiger Mother’ Amy Chua

Woke up at 6:30 a.m. to something licking my chin. Opened my eyes and saw two big white fluffy faces staring hopefully down at me. Breakfast time? Both Coco and Pushkin sleep with… Continue reading

Scott Walker On 2016: ‘I Wouldn’t Bet Against Me’

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) has not officially announced that he will run for president in 2016, but he is feeling very confident about his chances. Martha Raddatz, host of ABC’s “This Week,”… Continue reading

UN Says Violence In Iraq Kills At Least 1,375 In January

BAGHDAD (AP) — The United Nations mission to Iraq said Sunday that violence in the country amid the war against the extremist Islamic State group killed at least 1,375 people in January. The… Continue reading

Here’s How To Eat Healthy Even While Traveling

With help from this Quora thread. 20th Century Fox Alternatively, if your hotel room doesn’t have a fridge, make one. Buy a Styrofoam cooler for a just a few bucks and fill it… Continue reading

17 Doughnuts That Answered A Higher Calling

Doughin’ up to the spirit in the sky. Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed This doughnut that buried itself inside ANOTHER doughnut to make a doughnut turducken: The people at CHOW went and put an… Continue reading

Online Campaign Raises $180,000 For Elderly, Disabled Mugging Victim

“Thank you doesn’t really seem to answer it, does it?” Donations have flooded in from around the world for an elderly man with disabilities who was violently mugged last weekend in northern England.… Continue reading