This Guy Wanted A Tattoo Of Some Trees But Got A Nightmarish Hellscape Instead

Let this tattoo fail be a warning to us all.

This is Didier Jacquemin. He’s just an average guy, 29 years old, living in Belgium, minding his own business.

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But if you ever met Jacquemin, you might notice something interesting about him: His fucking horrible arm tattoo.

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But see, it’s not his fault. He went to a local tattoo artist with a photo of the image on the left – what he calls a “beautiful walk in the Sonian Forest” in Belgium.

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But the result, he says, is more of a “hazardous morning in Chernobyl.”

She didn't show me a drawing, she didn't use tracing paper, but I wasn't bothered by it. She had tattooed my friend freehand and the result was very pretty. I was confident.

Let the lesson here be: Never be confident when it comes to tattoos.

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