Sunday Roundup

Today, the nation finally gets to stop talking about deflated balls and finally gets around to… watching some very expensive TV commercials. Of course, the Super Bowl is much bigger than touchdowns, field goals or celebratory crotch grabs; it’s about the joy of a frequently divided country sharing a common experience — deciding whether you prefer beer ads with or without cute animals. Meanwhile, that new reality show Desperate Leaders of the Western Hemisphere took a dramatic turn with Speaker Boehner claiming he told Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer not to tell President Obama about Prime Minister Netanhayu’s planned speech to Congress. It’s like high school — if the stakes were, instead of a ruined prom, nuclear war. And on Friday, Mitt Romney let some of the air out of the 2016 GOP race with his announcement that he wouldn’t be assembling the old team one last time after all. It was Deflategate for the top one percent. Go Seahawks… or Patriots!