10 Criminally Adorable Dogs You Need To Follow On Instagram

Warning: A lot of cuteness coming your way.



Meet Marnie, the NYC Shih Tzu who can't keep her tongue in her mouth. She hates being alone and loves parties. Follow Marnie: @marniethedog

Instagram: @marniethedog / Via instagram.com



In his biography, Taco is described as part Portuguese Water Dog and part panda. He lives in NYC and is adorable. Follow him @tacothecitydog

instagram.com / Via instagram.com

Corgnelius & Stumphrey


Not one, but two corgis! Corgnelius and Stumphrey are adorable Pembroke Welsh Corgi brothers with adorable names who live in LA. The two brothers get along great and love to pose for the camera together. Follow Corgnelius & Stumphrey: @corgnelius

Instagram: @corgnelius / Via instagram.com



Sammy is a Pomeranian living in the Big Apple. She acts as a tour guide and shows people where to go in the city! Follow Sammy: @sammyandthecity

Instagram: @sammyandthecity / Via instagram.com

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