Monthly Archive: January, 2015

The Urban Slang Words That Drive Me Absolutely Cray Cray

Whenever I hear the term “epic fail” I think of how much I dislike urban slang, even though I use it more than I’d like to admit. When someone says “epic fail” I… Continue reading

How To Rekindle Your Stagnant Marriage In An Empty Nest

Like most couples, we entered the empty nest phase of our lives pretty much the same way we entered the world, starry-eyed and clueless. An anxiety-inducing mixture of excitement and terror. We had… Continue reading

Robin Leach’s Most Expensive Vegas Attractions of 2015 Who better than Robin Leach to take you inside the exclusive world of the SUPER RICH? See how the “other half” lives in Las Vegas without spending a dime! #LuxeVegas takes you… Continue reading

Ordering Breakfast And How It Can Explain What Men And Women Need

Valentine’s Day is approaching so I thought it appropriate to tell the story I often do in therapy to help describe a basic difference between the genders. It’s actually not simply a difference.… Continue reading

Roommate Struggles You Know Too Well

“Did you take the garbage out?”

23 No-Candy Valentines Kids Will Love Even More Than Sugar

Because kids don’t need any more candy. Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed Glow sticks. “You make me glow.” Download the free printable in four different colors here. Hand clappers. “You deserve a hand.”… Continue reading

When Your Boyfriend Can’t Stop Farting

Some sounds overpower everything else. BuzzFeed Yellow / Via

FACE IT: Let’s Talk About Talking About Sex

The New York Times recently led its “Review” section with a very long, data-filled summation of where men and women stand on the subject of sex. Alongside pieces on “How Auschwitz is Misunderstood”… Continue reading

Super Bowl Bets, Meet Math

Americans probably like to think of their countrymen as a group of achievers, hardscrabble hustlers who pull themselves up by the bootstraps each morning to go to work, eat apple pie, and fall… Continue reading

Brooklyn Warehouse Fire Fought By Hundreds Of Firefighters

NEW YORK (AP) — A 7-alarm fire destroyed a warehouse and sent giant clouds of smoke across Brooklyn and into Manhattan on a day so cold that water froze on firefighters’ helmets. FDNY… Continue reading