Monthly Archive: December, 2014

Cuba: A New Year’s Present

When I joined UPI in 1953, we were servicing two Cuban television stations and Cuba was still ruled by Fulgencio Batista, a former army sergeant who had seized power in 1933. By 1956,… Continue reading

The Rise of Anti-Government Protests Around the World and How to Reduce It in 2015

In recent years, citizens so frustrated with their governments slapped their elected officials (e.g. in Nepal and India), set themselves on fire outside state offices (e.g. Tunisia, Greece), launched mass protests against specific… Continue reading

5 Religious Guinness World Records Smashed In 2014

(RNS) Some churches conduct pageants. Some temples host dinners. And others spend weeks or months meticulously planning how to break a Guinness World Record. Sure, 2014 was the year that records were beaten… Continue reading

Antisemitism 2015: A Global Challenge

Antisemitism presents a serious challenge for the global community today. The last decade has seen a shocking growth in antisemitic rhetoric and agitation, and routine acts of violence against Jews have returned to… Continue reading

Dear Chiara Natasha

Note: If you know Chiara Natasha or anyone who might, please share this with her/them. According to news reports, the 15-year-old has lost her entire family in the recent AirAsia tragedy. Otherwise, please… Continue reading

Belgian Catholic Bishop Calls For Recognition Of Same-Sex Relationships

A Belgian bishop is bravely standing up for love. Bishop Johan Bonny of Antwerp, Belgium has called on the Catholic Church to recognize the caring and committed relationships of gay and lesbian couples… Continue reading

Forget Resolutions, Visualize 2015

Whether you are religious, spiritual or agnostic, the holidays can inspire a rebirth of our spirits as we look towards the new year. The cultural fad of making resolutions leads to a myriad… Continue reading

15 Delicious Champagne Cocktail Recipes To Help You Ring In 2015

These easy-to-make cocktails will have you welcoming the new year in style. Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed The Basics: Easy to Make, Easy to Drink What you'll need for these: BOOZE: Angostura bitters Champagne… Continue reading

Extremely Confused Woman Can’t Figure Out Which Side Of The Car Her Gas Tank Is On

*Face palm* This woman had a rough day at the gas station, and unfortunately for her, someone got the whole thing on video… kunal lakhani / Via It starts out innocently… Continue reading

Our 14 Favorite BuzzFeed Geeky Posts Of 2014

What a wonderful year it’s been. 10 Scientific Reasons To Eat More Pizza AMC What Kind Of Person Are You Actually? These 29 Photos Of Cosplayers Revealing What Their Day Jobs Are… Continue reading