Monthly Archive: December, 2014

18 Album Covers That Are So Bad They’re Straight-Up Amazing

Have you heard the zip-zap rap? Bringing the term “signature hair” to life. Featuring the beatboxing skills of his brother, Catastrophisin’ Chris. “Is this seat taken?” Aw. You are welcome,… Continue reading

Stephanie Roche Says People Are Backing Her To Win FIFA’s Goal Of The Year On Merit Alone

The Irish footballer spoke to BuzzFeed News ahead of FIFA’s annual gala in Zurich. On 12 January, Stephanie Roche will find out if this stunning strike has been named FIFA’s goal of the… Continue reading

13 Crazy Inventions Our Favorite Artists Want To See In 2015

We asked, “What would you like to see invented in 2015?” Here’s how they answered. View Entire List ›

24 Cats Who Are Nailing Their Sweater Game

Sweaters are like a constant cuddle! “My style is casual and comfortable!” // “Do sweaters make you feel pensive, too?” // “I like that sweaters let me express my true self.”… Continue reading

Why ‘Selma’ Director Ava DuVernay Says Many Historical Films Fall Short (VIDEO)

It’s been 50 years since a group of brave men and women in Selma, Ala., marched to change America. In the upcoming film “Selma,” opening nationwide January 9, director Ava DuVernay tells the… Continue reading

Bae, It Would Be Cray To Stop Using These ‘Banned’ Words

If you had plans to spend next year calling your boo bae, describing the chilly weather as a polar vortex or talking up your foodie lifestyle, cancel them immediately. Those three terms can… Continue reading

Athletes and Ambassadors in 2014

2014 saw a mixture of advances and stark reminders of continued injustice. The gay journey in America proceeded on many paths in 2014. Here are highlights [Note: this does not include developments after… Continue reading

The New Silk Road: A True “Win-Win” or a Perilous Future?

Walt Whitman described the locomotive as the “pulse of the continent.” If his comparison holds true, then Thailand is about to get its first real bloodline to the rest of Asia. All thanks… Continue reading

Ditching Resolution and Going for Happy: An Intentional Practice of Simple Delight

I officially ditched the New Year’s resolution tradition last year. Who wants to sign up for commitment that holds an 88 percent failure rate, anyway? For 2014, I focused on a specific intention:… Continue reading

2015, A Parent’s DON’T List

A new year. Countless opportunities to get more of what you want in life. Exciting thought, eh? So what do you really want? If you’re the parent of a tween or teen, I’m… Continue reading