Monthly Archive: December, 2014

Snoop Dogg’s Got a Taste for Brazil This New Years

Recently I caught up with Snoop Dogg to find out how he likes to celebrate New Years Eve. I fully expected his reply to be “Gin and Juice” and perhaps with a twist.… Continue reading

Messages in a Bottle: Listening to an Old Answering Machine

A few years ago when my parents moved from their five-bedroom suburban home at the edge of Silicon Valley to their retirement condo nearby, my siblings and I went through three decades’ worth… Continue reading

Student Projects Apply ‘Internet of Things’ Principles in Sustainability and Product Design

Integrating the power of data and Internet connectivity into everyday objects has become a big trend in product development today, more so with the recent rise of the ‘Internet of Things’. University of… Continue reading

Where We’re Going

Note: This is the third in a three-part series exploring the history, activities and future plans of The Harwood Institute. Read the first two installments: Where We’ve Been and Where We Are. “Scale”… Continue reading

Pooja Kharbanda Discusses the 6 Shore Road Resort 2015 Collection

6 Shore Road is a playful yet edgy swimwear and apparel brand that was founded by the renown designer, Pooja Kharbanda. Pooja was born in India, spent her childhood in Hong Kong and… Continue reading

Protesters Storm St. Louis Police Headquarters With Eviction Notice

Protesters demonstrating against police violence entered St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department headquarters demanding their non-violent comrades’ release — and some of them left with a face full of pepper spray. Roughly 75 protesters… Continue reading

The New Year: Ready to Move On

“No one loves a Christmas tree on January first.” – Erma Bombeck Today the holiday season is officially over for me. It’s time to take the decorations down and store them in the… Continue reading

Top Home Bars for New Years Eve

Thinking of hosting a party this season? The most important rule of thumb when entertaining is to make your guests feel welcome in your home. But homes like these show us that a… Continue reading

What I Learned About Loneliness When I Crossed Antarctica Solo

In 2011, polar explorer and author of Alone in Antarctica, Felicity Aston, was dropped by plane in the southernmost continent, “to ski by herself across 1,084 miles of uninhabited ice.” The trip took… Continue reading

3 ‘Myths’ About Acne That Are Actually True (VIDEO)

For some, the word “acne” drudges up memories of pimple-prone teen years and blemishes of decades past. For others, it’s an all-too-common affliction that follows them into adulthood. Whether you’re prone to the… Continue reading