Monthly Archive: December, 2014

Hollywood Happy

I’ve always been an emotional person. I can range from 1 to 50 and back again in the span of only minutes. Yes, I’ve gotten better at self-regulating my thoughts/feelings/emotions as I’ve gotten… Continue reading

FACE IT: What it May Take To Win an Oscar

Does anyone else think it’s odd that our American heroes are portrayed by foreigners? Daniel Day Lewis won an Oscar for bringing to cinematic life the American president who won a war and… Continue reading

Kim Marie Kuriawa Missing: Nurse’s Husband ‘Worried Sick’

The husband of a missing Maryland nurse says he is dumbfounded by her sudden, unexplained disappearance. “It’s out of character, especially from the standpoint of — if nothing else — how much she… Continue reading

25 New Year’s Resolutions All Introverts Understand

If you need me, I’ll be bing-watching Friends on Netflix. View Entire List ›

This Guy Preformed Anna Kendrick’s Cup Song With Guns And It’s Actually Really Impressive

Kids, don’t try this at home. Jim Huish decided to create his own rendition of Pitch Perfect‘s “The Cup Song” using guns and it somehow works surprisingly well! Doubt we’ll see this in… Continue reading

42 Myths 20-Somethings Tell Themselves Every New Year’s Eve

5, 4, 3, 2…what the hell is the point of all this, anyway? Getty Images/iStockphoto 1. You and your friends will unanimously agree on a party to attend. 2. You will find a… Continue reading

Curl Up With The BuzzFeed Books Newsletter In 2015!

Want more books in your life in the new year? Then the BuzzFeed Books newsletter is for you! Chris Ritter / BuzzFeed Who it's for: People who get lost in books for days… Continue reading

50 Of The Best BuzzFeed Posts From Community Members In 2014

Or “50 Brilliant Reasons You Should Create Your Own BuzzFeed Article.” The BuzzFeed Community had a rockin’ 2014. In no particular order, here are 50 of our favorite posts. Disney / Universal Pictures… Continue reading

The Top(ping) Pizza Posts On Tumblr In 2014

You might say these are … uppercrust. Infinite Pizza by sheepfilms: Pizza Princess by foxadhd: Heart-Shaped Pizza by fuck-yeah-existentialism: Personal Pie by 3-36am: View Entire List ›

The 15 Funniest “Friends” Episodes

If you have only seven hours to spend watching Friends (which is available to stream on Netflix starting Jan. 1) on New Year’s Day, these are the flat out funniest episodes — ones… Continue reading