Monthly Archive: December, 2014

4 Practical Steps (You Can Do in 12 Minutes) to Start Making Your 2015 Dreams a Reality

The four steps I’m going to show you now, while ridiculously simple, are actually the basis of something incredible: taking pure thought and bringing it into reality. Let’s get started. 1. First, set… Continue reading

Top 4 Real Estate Regrets

Whether buying or renting, there seems to be a commonality to the real estate regrets people have once they have purchased or rented a new home or apartment. It’s easy to understand why:… Continue reading

An Open Letter to Money

Hey money, It’s strange to be writing a letter to you, but we have a relationship so this needs to be addressed. You can’t live without me and I can’t live without you.… Continue reading

Nick Offerman RSVPs To Wedding In Very Ron Swanson-esque Way

A couple of “Parks & Rec” fans just got a late, albeit great, wedding present. Months ago, Redditor GirlnTheOtherRm sent a wedding invitation to Nick Offerman, the actor who plays Ron Swanson on… Continue reading

Dare to Be 100: Spock/Bortz Symmetry

Maybe 10 years ago the phone rang, “Dr. Bortz, my name is Mary McCarthy and I am a friend of Dr. Peter Wood. I have recently moved here and so am anxious to… Continue reading

Counting Steps and Staying Sane in the Suburbs

Image via You might have received a Fitbit or similar item as a holiday gift this year. And you might be thinking that you’ll use your fitness tracker to monitor your… Continue reading

My Resolutions as an Activist Dad

Over the last year, I have been blessed beyond measure. I was married, had my son, purchased a home and a car and started a new job. At the same time, I have… Continue reading

Miley Cyrus And Chelsea Handler’s Topless Photos Aren’t Here To Save You

Earlier this week, Miley Cyrus and Chelsea Handler made headlines for posting topless photos of themselves on Instagram with the hashtag #FreeTheNipple, as part of the social media campaign protesting against Instagram’s anti-nudity… Continue reading

A (Really Hard) Parenting Lesson for the New Year: When to Keep Our Mouths Shut

My kids have been working at some local stables in exchange for riding lessons. The trainer is a self-confessed drill sergeant. She has no tolerance for crying, whining, laziness, or a distracted rider.… Continue reading

Forget the Resolutions: Set Your New Year’s Intentions!

Rather than create New Year’s resolutions, which often come from a place of lack and frustration, try setting New Year’s intentions. It’s simple, easy and refreshing! Here’s how… An intention is a choice.… Continue reading