Monthly Archive: December, 2014

Hack Your Whole Life In 2015 With The BuzzFeed DIY Newsletter!

Looking for ways to make your life a snap? Then the BuzzFeed DIY newsletter is for you! Chris Ritter / BuzzFeed Who it's for: Anyone looking for ingenious tips and hacks that will… Continue reading

17 Vines Taken From Space In 2014 That Are Out Of This World…Literally

Get it? Meet Reid Wiseman. He was one of several NASA astronauts aboard the International Space Station in 2014. NASA / Reuters AP Photo/NASA/Reid Wiseman AP Photo/NASA/Reid Wiseman View Entire List ›

Adorable Little Girl Gets Life Lessons From Dad On How To Find A “King”

He says that she should find a “king” who respects her and opens doors. “Right, because you're going to be a what?” he asks. “Queen!” she says. “He's going to always… Continue reading

Enjoying ‘Enjoy Yourself’ at 65

New Year’s Eve gets a bad rap, but I look forward to it because of a special kinship with a certain song. The first time I heard “Enjoy Yourself (It’s Later Than You… Continue reading

A New Year’s Manifesto

Every year is our first, and our last, and our only. This year: May we play. May we look as ridiculous as possible as often as we can in the name of abandon… Continue reading

New Years Resolution? Just Be a Mom

Whether you are a mom or just have a mom, you know that all mothers have flaws. No matter how hard we try, we just can’t be perfect. Sure, there’s that one mom… Continue reading

China and the US: A New Century, a New Partnership

I have spent a good deal of time in China and have traveled throughout the country. I am always amazed at the hospitality and welcoming spirit of the Chinese people. As an educational… Continue reading

Promise Me Humanity

So this is the day, the last of days. Three hundred and sixty-five days of protests, lay-ins, new laws, broken laws, innocent jailing, pride, nationalism, fear and hope. This day, without failure, wipes… Continue reading

From Pot to Protests: 10 Ways Colorado Made History in 2014

History was made on the very first day of 2014, when Colorado became the first state in the country to have legal retail marijuana sales, but that was only the beginning of a… Continue reading

We Can Make a Difference for Our Planet After All: 10 Wildlife Conservation Victory Stories from 2014

We cannot ignore the realities of habitat loss for wildlife, the extinction crisis, and the impact climate change has on nature; but equally as important, we should not forget the good news and… Continue reading