25 Things That Will Inevitably Happen On New Year’s Eve

We do the same dance every year. Here are the steps:


1. Someone will wear something glittery and someone else will affectionately refer to them as The Ball.
2. Someone will struggle to open a bottle of champagne after confidently offering to do it.
3. Someone will talk about how AWFUL 2014 was and how GLAD they are it's finally over.
4. Someone will talk about how great 2015 will be because of some uncontrollable reason, like it's an odd number year or 15 is a lucky number in their family.
5. Someone will point out that there are still sooo many hours until midnight.

notoriousmic.tumblr.com / Via Warner Bros. Pictures / Roadshow Entertainment

6. Someone will make everyone talk about their favorite 2014 memories and everyone will groan but when it's their turn they will actively participate because everyone likes talking about themselves.
7. Someone will slip on something and someone will playfully accuse them of being drunker than they are.
8. Someone will make a joke to the effect of, “Working out? I won't do that until NEXT YEAR!”
9. Someone will mention that it's already New Years in another part of the world and this is all completely arbitrary, what's the point.
10. Someone will suggest playing a drinking game to lighten the mood.

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