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In the Trenches on Black Friday

Out the door at 6:36 a.m. on a rainy (what else) Seattle morning, I was already late for the Black Friday sales. Close on 24 hours late. What used to be a one-day… Continue reading

Canada Attempting To Confirm If One Of Its Citizens Has Been Kidnapped In Syria

OTTAWA, Nov 30 (Reuters) – Canada is trying to confirm reports that a Canadian citizen has been captured in Syria, a foreign ministry spokesman said on Sunday. “Canada is pursuing all appropriate channels”… Continue reading

Kill the Indian; Save the Child

Notes from Indian Country By Tim Giago (Nanwica Kciji) © 2014 Native Sun News December 1, 2014 In the old days the education of American children was paramount to the Democratic system of… Continue reading

What Does ‘Black-On-Black Crime’ Have to Do With Ferguson?

The answer to the question posed in this post’s title is nothing. Absolutely nothing. Not one thing. Nada. Zip. Zero. The “Black-on-Black crime” moniker is racist rhetoric functioning under the guise of concern… Continue reading

Jobs Bills That Don’t Create Jobs: What Republican Control Could Mean

WASHINGTON — Republicans emerged from the midterm elections with a Senate majority and their strongest House majority since Herbert Hoover’s presidency in part due to voters’ economic discontent. According to exit polls, the… Continue reading

32 Good-Looking Men With Good-Looking Beards

Don’t act like you’re not impressed. // // // // View Entire List ›

10 Life Lessons Atticus Finch From “To Kill A Mockingbird” Taught Us

Best. Dad. Ever. Warning: Some upsetting language. People are complicated. Learn about their lives before judging them. Universal Pictures / Via Bad things happen. It's better to just accept that and work… Continue reading

Here’s How The New Star Wars Trailer Would Look If George Lucas Made It

It’s pretty much a perfect parody of everything wrong with the Special Editions. And the prequels. Many fans had complaints with the changes George Lucas made for the “Special Edition” versions of the… Continue reading

If “Home Alone” Quotes Were Motivational Posters

Keep the change, you filthy animal. Thinkstock / sezer66 Thinkstock / elenasendler Thinkstock / anyaberkut Thinkstock / Monkey Business Images View Entire List ›

19 Signs That The BuzzFeed Parents Newsletter Is For You

Looking for a little help figuring this parenting thing out? This is what you look like by the end of the school year. ABC This is what the back seat of your car… Continue reading