Monthly Archive: November, 2014

Grim Reality Amid Optimism Ahead Of Climate Talks

After more than two decades trying but failing to forge a global pact to halt climate change, United Nations negotiators gathering in South America this week are expressing a new optimism that they… Continue reading

Black Friday Was The Second-Biggest Day Ever For Background Checks: Report

The FBI dealt with more background checks this Black Friday than ever before on the annual shopping day, according to a CNN report on Saturday. Only once in its history has the agency… Continue reading

Evidence Photos Prove Michael Brown Hit Darren Wilson So Hard, He Almost Left A Mark

Photos released by the St. Louis County Prosecutor’s Office of Officer Darren Wilson, taken shortly after his altercation with 18-year-old Michael Brown on August 9, 2014, appear to prove that Brown hit Officer… Continue reading

Feds Need Look No Further Than Rodney King for the Case Against Wilson

In August 1992, nearly three months to the day after the four LAPD officers that beat black motorist Rodney King were acquitted on nearly all charges by a jury with no blacks on… Continue reading

Prosecutors Repeatedly Stressed Brown’s Pot Use

When St. Louis County Police conducted a followup interview of two construction workers who witnessed the Michael Brown shooting, a detective focused not on what they had seen but on a single word… Continue reading

Photo Of Young Boy Hugging Officer At Ferguson Rally Goes Viral And Becomes ‘Icon Of Hope’

As photos around the web show images of nationwide protests in reaction to the events in Ferguson, Missouri, one particular image has received widespread attention. Earlier this week, freelance photographer Johnny Nguyen captured… Continue reading

Outrage In Germany After Woman Is Killed Defending Teenage Girls From Harassment

BERLIN (AP) — Germany’s president is considering awarding a posthumous medal to a young woman killed after defending two teenage girls from male harassment. German news agency dpa reported Sunday that President Joachim… Continue reading

5 Things We Know You Don’t Know About Mark Twain

The adventures of Mark Twain, born Samuel Langhorne Clemens, certainly hold up to those of his spirited protagonists. Early on in life, he made “millions” prospecting in Nevada and then quickly lost it… Continue reading

First Nighter: The Bedlam Company Shoots and Wounds Chekhov’s “Seagull”

Before I get to the many reasons for my strongly objecting to the Bedlam company’s attack on Anton Chekhov’s great play, The Seagull, I want strongly to recommend their Sense & Sensibility adaptation,… Continue reading

It’s Not Over: An Illustrated Analysis of Op-Ferguson (Pt. 2)

It is now almost a week after the grand jury decision was released in the case of police officer Darren Wilson’s murder of unarmed teenager Michael Brown. Over the pass few months life… Continue reading