Monthly Archive: November, 2014

Why I’m a Black Man Before I’m a Gay Man

I’m much more aware of my identity as a black man than my identity as a gay man. I don’t think of them as competing identities, but in the context of perception and… Continue reading

A Mobile Health Innovation That Could Help Stop Ebola

Developing countries don’t have the high-tech equipment needed to quickly diagnose the disease, but they do have millions of cellphones. One UCLA professor has a way to turn those phones into diagnostic centers.… Continue reading

A Brief But Stunning Visual History Of Ballet In The 20th Century

As holiday season approaches, visions of sugar-plum fairies inevitably begin dancing in our heads. ‘Tis the time of “The Nutcracker,” and other classic ballet performances that countdown to a whole new season of… Continue reading


Hello, my name is Dr. Francis Collins, and I am the director of the National Institutes of Health. Thank you for joining us for this live-blogging session. I am here to answer all… Continue reading

17 Times Emma Watson Was The Picture Of Perfection In The Last 24 Hours

She went to one event in the last 24 hours, and it’s worth every picture. Here. Getty Images Frederick M. Brown Here. Getty Images Frederick M. Brown Here. AFP / Getty Images ROBYN… Continue reading

Legally High: Marijuana Initiatives On The Ballot In Three States And D.C.

BuzzFeed News takes a look at the initiatives voters across the country will decide on Nov. 4 — and whether the referendums have a chance of passing. Buds are removed from a container… Continue reading

13 Stories From College Grads About The Struggles Of Unemployment

“I now work for the student loan company that I owe a small fortune to. Go figure.” Chris Ritter / BuzzFeed We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share their stories… Continue reading

Cute Teddy Bears Flipped Inside Out Are Super Creepy

Photographer Kent Rogowski takes ordinary teddy bears and re-stuffs them inside out. Needless to say, it’s pretty creepy. Kent Rogowski Kent Rogowski Kent Rogowski View Entire List ›

23 Things That Only Dogs Wearing Shoes Understand

Everyone is laughing. Everyone but you. Walking in them for the first time feels like everything in the world is wrong. And you try to act normal when in reality you… Continue reading

How Well Do You Actually Know The Lyrics To “This Is Halloween”?

♫ Pumpkins yell ‘cause blah blah blah fright??? ♫ Skellington Productions View Entire List ›