Monthly Archive: November, 2014

Running Against the “Obama Economy” – And Winning???

I can’t get my head around this: In the weeks leading up to the midterm elections we have had the following economic news: ♦ Unemployment is at 5.9 percent, the lowest level since… Continue reading

My Uncle Was Gay, and I Want to Tell the World

Sept. 29, 1930 – April 28, 2012 My late, great Uncle Bruce was otherwise known as a fart knocker, rump ranger, poofter, fairy and shit-packing fag. It hurts to write those words, but… Continue reading

Two Arrested As People Flock To Hawaii Lava

PAHOA, Hawaii (AP) — Two Hawaii residents have been arrested for trespassing to see lava, police said Friday amid growing interest from people eager to witness the slow-moving flow. Hawaii County police said… Continue reading

Why The U.S. Can’t Be Done With Afghanistan Yet

WASHINGTON — With the United States accelerating its withdrawal from Afghanistan after helping to establish a new unity government there, a congressionally created watchdog warned this week that despite the signs of progress,… Continue reading

Former Marine Andrew Tahmooressi Held In Mexico To Be Released: Judge

SAN DIEGO (AP) — A Mexican judge has ordered the immediate release of a jailed U.S. Marine veteran who spent eight months behind bars for crossing the border with loaded guns. Family spokesman… Continue reading

21 Raw And Eye-Opening Portraits Of Boozy England

Go home, England, you’re drunk. Contains graphic images. In this raw photo-diary of boozy England, Dench poses many questions, including: “Why do the English tipple until they fall over? Is it simply the… Continue reading

How To Survive As A Reality Television Family

After five years on The Real Housewives of New Jersey , Caroline Manzo and her family are continuing their on-camera lives with their spin-off Manzo’d With Children . Now reality veterans, they reflect… Continue reading

4 Blood-Chilling New Music Videos That You Probably Shouldn’t Watch Alone

Not for the faint of heart. Happy Halloween! Flying Lotus – “Ready Err Not” From the deranged mind that brought you “Salad Fingers.” Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks – “Catchy (Was Contagious)”… Continue reading

Wearing High Heels As Told Through Linkin Park Lyrics

I’ve become so numb… Click play and scroll down! I'm tired of being what you want me to be / Feeling so faithless, lost under the surface NBC Don't know what… Continue reading

Major Police Group: Mandated Treatment Can Help Some Mentally Ill

The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) approved a resolution calling for greater use of mandated treatment, commonly known as assisted outpatient treatment (AOT), at their annual meeting in Orlando, Florida. Research… Continue reading