Monthly Archive: November, 2014

Knott’s “Special Ops: Infected” proves that wide open spaces can be just as scary as dark twisty mazes

It sounds like an interesting challenge. Staging an authentic-looking zombie apocalypse while — at the same time — not scratching up any of Grizzly Creek Lodge’s nice new furniture. But that’s exactly what… Continue reading

Tim Cook’s “coming out” matters because it does not matter

The best thing about Tim Cook’s coming out was what it was not. It did not come as the result of some sex scandal perhaps involving an employee. It was not an embarrassing… Continue reading

This Year’s 38 Best ’80s Themed Halloween Costumes

TBH the ’80s was the best decade. Boy George // Lloyd Dobler from Say Anything. // Robert Palmer's backup “band” from the “Addicted to Love” video. // The Golden Girls… Continue reading

18 Times “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” Made You Ugly Cry

Grab Mr. Pointy and some ice cream and get ready to cry. When Buffy finds her mother dead on the couch. “You’re not supposed to touch the body!” Why You'll Cry: Joss Whedon… Continue reading

Women’s Jobs On Halloween Vs. Women’s Jobs In Real Life

That’s totally what a firefighter wears to work! All of these costumes come from the first page of Google results. These are our options. Getty Images / Scott Olson View Entire List… Continue reading

21 Things Better Than Eating Candy Corn

You are what you trick-or-treat. View Entire List ›

Skate for Cleaner Waves: Patagonia Invests in Recycled Skateboard Startup

What if you could not only clean the ocean, but turn the pollution you collect into something people want? That’s the basic idea behind Bureo Skateboards. With the motto “Skateboards for plastic-free oceans,”… Continue reading

What Do a Keyboard, Range Extender and ‘Free’ TV Have in Common? Absolutely Nothing!

We in Jocgeekland have been playing with a few items that have absolutely nothing in common, other than their appeal to those of us that salivate over technology and seek ways to get… Continue reading

9 Ways to Stand Out at a Career Fair

Career fairs can be convenient, one-stop shopping for your dream job or internship. But with hundreds of students competing for the attention of fewer recruiters, you must have a plan to make the… Continue reading

What Employees Want and How to Give It to Them

You want to be generous and flexible with your employees. Why wouldn’t you? Everybody is working harder. Everybody is under more pressure. Everybody needs more than what they are getting. If you are… Continue reading