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Which Member Of Fifth Harmony Are You?

Find out which girl you’re most ~in sync~ with. FifthHarmonyVEVO / Via

26.2 Stages Of Training For The New York City Marathon

“I’m going to be running for how many hours?” Congratulations! You're one of the lucky few who got into the New York City Marathon! You're super excited that you've been given the… Continue reading

Theater: Sting and Ewan McGregor Hit Broadway; Does Broadway Hit Back?

THE REAL THING ** 1/2 out of **** THE LAST SHIP *** out of **** Two major talents made their Broadway debut recently, though neither is a stranger to the stage. Actor Ewan… Continue reading

A Film About People Running In A London Park Is Going Viral 12 Months After It Was Released

Some of the runners reveal very personal and emotional stories during the short film. Take 11 minutes out of your day and watch this short film about people who go running in London's… Continue reading

13 Beyoncé Lyrics If Beyoncé Were A Broke Twentysomething

Sometimes shit goes down when there’s eleven dollars on an elevator. Lookin' so crazy in debt. Colin Heasley / BuzzFeed / Getty Images / Wavebreak Media Wavebreakmedia Ltd Callin' all my girls: we… Continue reading

A Primary-School Supply Teacher Resigned After Taping A Child’s Mouth Shut

The incident happened at Fowlmere Primary School in Cambridgeshire. SWNS The act was apparently meant as a joke, but one parent, who didn't wish to be named, told South West News Service: “It… Continue reading

18 Arguments Every ’00s Teen Had With Their Parents

HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF KNOCKING? When you legit had no idea how you went over your monthly text limit. / Via When you couldn't understand what was so awful about… Continue reading

Which YouTube Star Are You?

Instant subscribe for life.

11 Signs It’s OK To Say ‘I Love You’

Signs it’s ready to just say it already. 11 Signs It's OK To Say 'I Love You'

See What Your Favorite Celebrities Are Dressing Up As This Halloween

From Katy Perry as a flaming hot Cheeto, to Beyonce as Janet Jackson. Katy Perry as a flaming hot Cheeto: Vasquez/FAMEFLYNET Colton Haynes as Fiona from Shrek: // Lucy Hale as the… Continue reading