‘True Trans’ Premieres Final Episodes: Transparenting And Acceptance

Over the past several weeks, AOL has aired an incredible docuseries with the intention of educating and informing the public about the lives of transgender and gender-variant individuals.

Called “True Trans,” the docuseries stars Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace and incorporates the experiences of trans and gender-variant people from all walks of life. Now, “True Trans” is coming to a close, with the final two installments focusing on parenting when it comes to transgender individuals and the road to acceptance surrounding their identity — both by others and by themselves.

“I just hope that other parents of transgender children support them on their journeys and don’t view it as a negative thing,” Bonnie Grace, Laura Jane Grace’s mother, says in the video below. “It’s a great thing — this is someone who’s made such a sacrifice to grab their life and you should view it with joy and make sure they know that and that they have your total support.”

Check out the episode about parenting above and the final episode about acceptance below. Missed the previous episodes in “True Trans”? Head here.