The Good Wife Recap: No More Saint Alicia in “The Trial”

Note: Do not read on if you have not seen Season 6, Episode 10 of CBS’s The Good Wife, titled “The Trial.”
Oh, the suspense is killing me! The mid-season finale was perfect as both of the sub-plots bubbled over into action.

First, Alicia. She’s finally owning her campaign and starting to accept the fact that she wants this. We see her stand up to Peter and his philandering ways. It’s only been five years and she finally has a reason, and the guts, to tell him to shut up, get a hold of himself, and to stop embarrassing her in public. He really is a dirtbag. While Eli and the handler are trying to appease Alicia’s “positive campaign” and win at the same time, you hear her say numerous times “I’m not Peter. I don’t want to be like Peter.” More and more she’s pushing her way to the front and separating herself from him. It’s like Will’s death gave her the excuse to let it all hang out — what’s the point of putting on this Saint Alicia show? Plus, she’s entirely capable of embarrassing herself, thank you very much, what with Grace and her’s inside jokes.

That, too, has been a pleasure to watch this season. Their relationship feels real and not too cheesy, and when it is, they kind of call themselves on it. Here’s to Zack in college and the girls’ club.

Then, Cary. I think my response to his guilty plea was just a deep groan. If he and ALicia didn’t ahve that nice hug and a new firm and if he didn’t care about Kalinda, could he have taken Bishop up on being disappeared? Maybe he still can. It seems so unlike Cary to cop a plea for something he didn’t do, even if it is just to avoid whatever sentence the jury would give him. I feel a big plot twist coming our way.

Also, did anyone notice that the semi-deaf juror had my last name? No one has my last name. As if I didn’t love the writers already, now I will cherish them forever for this little coincidence. It’s going to be a long month without my Sunday night “Good Wife.” See you in January.

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The Good Wife airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.