A Primary-School Supply Teacher Resigned After Taping A Child’s Mouth Shut

The incident happened at Fowlmere Primary School in Cambridgeshire.


The act was apparently meant as a joke, but one parent, who didn't wish to be named, told South West News Service: “It doesn't matter whether it was a joke or not.” The charity Kidscape described the act as “a form of child abuse”.

The school has apologised to the pupil's parents.

Although there was no ill intent or unkindness intended, it is clear this incident should not have happened and the member of staff has resigned from their post. We have spoken to the child's parents and apologised as this fell below the standards we expect.

I have every confidence that the people in charge at Fowlmere Primary, the headteacher and the governors, have done whatever was needed to be done and have handled this properly. The teacher has resigned and I would think there is really no further need for any parent to be concerned.

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