Monthly Archive: October, 2014

17 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

Breaking Bad is still alive and well. Kind of. Aaron Paul was reunited with his van. // Justin Bieber hit the gym. // Kim Kardashian got all done up. //… Continue reading

Which “Little Mermaid” Character Are You?

Make this quiz part of your woooooooooorld. Disney

18 Easy DIY Art Projects You Can Make With Watercolors

Let’s paint the town. (In dreamy watercolors, preferably.) Chris Ritter / BuzzFeed Start by making your own watercolors with five simple ingredients. If you don't already have a set of watercolors, you can… Continue reading

How To Trap Your Cat, A Step-By-Step Guide

It’s all about boundaries. Step 1: Lay out the trap. Step 2: Wait for your trap to have some interest. Step 3: Cross your fingers the cat doesn't spot you.… Continue reading

Watch Bill Maher Tackle Ebola Panic And The ‘Morons In That F–king Hospital In Dallas’

Bill Maher took on ebola panic on his show Friday night. “I’m not panicked, I’m just pissed,” he said, tackling the incompetence in response to the crisis. He and guests David Miliband and… Continue reading

A Quiet Place: The Windhover Contemplative Center at Stanford

“The concept of wings as metaphors for the soaring of one’s mind suggests a sense of contemplation, a sense of spirit…” – Nathan Oliveira A panoramic view of the Windhover Contemplative Center The… Continue reading

Ann Coulter To GOP: Stop ‘Sucking Up’ To Hispanics

Republicans didn’t fare well in a recent Fox News poll and Ann Coulter says it’s immigrants’ fault. In an appearance on the “The O’Reilly Factor” Friday, Coulter said Democrats have used immigrants to… Continue reading

The Definitive Ranking of Ballpark Food Items

No American sporting event is as closely tied to food as a baseball game. Chowing down on a good snack isn’t just an incidental part of the experience, it’s an integral part of… Continue reading

The Rise of Female Business Journalists in China

By Yinan Che, Bachelors student at Shanghai International Studies University Women journalists in China are increasingly starting to work in the male-dominated field of business reporting. Their rise, however, is on a steep… Continue reading

What I Learned From 10 Days Without Shampoo

This past July, I went backpacking through Spain with a group of seven friends — you know, the quintessential (and very cliché) American college student summer experience. It was the first and only… Continue reading