Monthly Archive: October, 2014

Women’s Rights Group Demands Investigation Into Rape Allegations At Detention Center

A women’s rights group is demanding that the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Civil Rights investigate allegations of sexual abuse at a Texas immigrant detention center that houses families. In a press… Continue reading

Eerie Tales Of Fright And Horror For Left And Right

Welcome to our annual frightfest! Every year, we provide two tales of shrieking horror — one for Democrats and one for Republicans — so sit back and prepare to be terrified right out… Continue reading

Lawmakers ‘Disturbed’ After NYPD’s Highest-Ranking Black Officer Resigns

NEW YORK — When Bill Bratton was sworn in as head of the New York Police Department in January, he pledged to improve relations between New Yorkers of color and “every member” of… Continue reading

Nine Months Pregnant and Fleeing ISIS

Ameerah makes the long, arduous walk at night to use the restroom very carefully. In the Iraqi refugee camp she is forced to call home, this shared, public toilet is far from her… Continue reading

Values: Know What You Stand For

There is perhaps no greater defining characteristic of a person than their values. Their values drive everything else: goals, priorities, success and everything in between. There is no other characteristic that can both… Continue reading

No, Being Black and Gay Does Not Suck

Apparently it sucks to be a black gay guy. At least that is what “Stevie” over at claims in his post “20 Reasons It Sucks To Be A Gay Black Man.” I… Continue reading

Tips For New ‘HOH’ Dating

As the newly anointed “Head of Household” one’s mind eventually strays to thoughts of finding a partner. It may take awhile — but sooner or later the specter of dating pushes its way… Continue reading

19 Pumpkins You Were Looking For

Hello? —Lionel Richie I've been alone with you inside my mind. // And in my dreams I've kissed your lips a thousand times. // I sometimes see you pass outside my… Continue reading

The Animal Skeleton Quiz

‘Dat Femur Tho’

Which “Big Bang Theory” Character Are You?

Buzz-inga! Ira Madison III / Via CBS / BuzzFeed