Monthly Archive: October, 2014

Why Do We Wear Halloween Costumes?

Overcoming Cancer Consent

Part I: Non-Consensual Cancer Growing up, one of my heroes was Sir Ernest Shackleton. He was a polar explorer at the turn of the century who led an expedition straight south to explore… Continue reading

Marianne Williamson: Infinite Possibilities Exist No Matter What Age We Are (VIDEO)

For 20 years, bestselling author and inspirational thinker Marianne Williamson has helped pioneer a global spiritual movement with books like A Return to Love, The Law of Divine Compensation and Age of Miracles.… Continue reading

On Non-Violent Islamic Extremism (3/3)

Non-Violent Extremism – the Breeding Ground for Violent Extremism The fact that Islamic religion has yet to go through a reformation process has made it an easy target for political manipulation — changing… Continue reading

A Photo Tour: Chocolatiers in Brussels

I fly to Brussels every month so I decided to devote my recent trip to chocolate shops. The World Capital of Chocolate’s cobbled back streets led me to shops where chocolate is elevated… Continue reading

Restaurant Hilariously Skewers Hot Dining Trends With Brilliant Halloween ‘Costume’

Esoteric name with an ampersand? Check. Artfully coiffed, tattooed waitstaff? Check. Strange “heritage” items of yore used in the kitchen? Check. Absolutely zero menu items that you can recognize? Oh yeah — check.… Continue reading

Kaya Kwento

kwento (n.): a story, a tale, a narrative. When my friends come to me screaming, “I have kwento!” in the most Taglish accents they can muster, I always feel a jolt of excitement… Continue reading

Students Ask Not To Be Called African-American; Teacher Allegedly Calls Them N-Word

Last week, an Illinois substitute teacher reportedly called a group of four middle school girls the N-word after they asked not to be called African-American. The incident occurred at Jay Stream Middle School… Continue reading

Chelsea Handler Mocks Vladimir Putin With Topless Horseback Photo

“Anything a man can do, a woman has the right to do better. #kremlin” NSFW, obviously. Update: Handler said she is boycotting Instagram, after they removed the post multiple times. About 10 minutes… Continue reading

4r Ways to Deal with Your Anxious Child’s ‘What Iffing’

“What if I don’t get asked to the dance?” “What if you run out of gas and can’t pick me up from school?” “What if we get robbed?” “What if… [insert your child’s… Continue reading