Restaurant Hilariously Skewers Hot Dining Trends With Brilliant Halloween ‘Costume’

Esoteric name with an ampersand? Check. Artfully coiffed, tattooed waitstaff? Check. Strange “heritage” items of yore used in the kitchen? Check. Absolutely zero menu items that you can recognize? Oh yeah — check.

It’s Halloween at Chicago eatery Real Kitchen, where this year’s “costume” is a biting takedown of popular — and sometimes ridiculous — restaurant cliches. Real Kitchen branched out and dressed itself as “that new trendy restaurant, whatever one it is today.”

The hilarious idea, documented in the video above, comes a year after Real Kitchen famously dressed up as fancy-schmancy, world-renowned Chicago restaurant Alinea. As the folks at Real Kitchen Real Kitchen jokingly lament in this year’s Halloween video, when the attention from that stunt died down, they were back to being mistaken for a neighboring pizza chain.

Clearly, this year’s “costume” had to be even better. The result? Real Kitchen became the inanely-named “Veritable & The Scullery,” featuring all the things the most pretentious of foodies have come to embrace: really expensive cocktails made from hundreds of ingredients, bizarre foraged items, and terribly uncomfortable (but chic!) furniture.

After Halloween, Real Kitchen will go right back to being a gourmet-to-go cafe that’s decidedly unpretentious — but hopefully not mistaken for a pizza place, again.

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